Friends only...

From now onwards, all of the posts posted in this LiveJournal is from friends only. If you would like to read the full version of this LJ, please comment on this post and I'll consider.

Andy @ WittySquirrel

New style?

Yeah, another one of those rare updates in my LJ. Think it's a new style, is it? xD Anyway, it's mostly blue. I like blue. ^_^

By the way, wonder how to fill in the box next to the little calendar...? o_O

Got turned down...

Heh, thought I stop by a new hosting service and signed up for it but it turns out that even new hosts turn down applications... Something tells me that not saying "hi!" in their forums made me think it was a bad idea...

Seriously, hosting services are popping up like mushrooms but still it's very hard to find one with no catches, they tend to have faults in hosting or signing up one way or another... I am SO avoiding those needing forum posts, the last one had me wasterd 50 posts before the owner wanted to shut it down... (probably to transfer ownership? They've cleared the forums and main page...)

Shit, what am I still doing online???</p>

*Quickly scampers away*

Oh btw, most of the posts are at

Notes to self: 1. This LJ skin seems bland, switch it once exams end. 2. Err... Do I look like a newbie because of my lack of sets on PPT? Request for one... =)

All right!

Got phpbb and phpnuke installed! Yay!

[Keeping my mouth shut until everything's finished... XD]

[Edit]: What the heck? How in the world did the 2 forum databases on the same server effect each other? Darn... Hafta redo the forum again... =\
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Broken English

Got to hear some very funny broken English + Manglish being spoken during recess. Alex's friend (from another class) was just being comical when he heard us speaking in English. It's a long time since I heard something like that... XD Would love to quote him word for word, but the joke would be lost in translation...

Things to do...

Hm... I know I've been letting this LJ rot for quite some time now, better post something at least.

* Update LJ (with a real post... =P) (done)
* Update Blog (done)
* Post in RPs (Monday!!! >_< Dry spell lately, I can't even write an interesting post in my blog) [half done... eep...]
* Check friends blogs & LJs
* Try out Keygen
* Check on RA2 (Reinstall if necessary)
* Check on RA2:YR (Reinstall if necessary)
* Install AR2 (plans scrapped)
* Reply to Rattus if there's anything wrong with the game (ditto)
* Sign up for hosting, don't know what I'll be doing with it though...
* Figure out how to use the domain names...
(done at 3:04am XD)
* Expand FAQ article for
* Rack up brains for more content on the site

[Added on Sunday]:
* Figure out what the heck is MySQL and how to use it

How to finish all of 'em within the next few days...


Note to self: Keep bottle cap closed tightly at all times.

Spat water on the floor just now after realising that I had put my mouth to a bottle with little red ants... x_X